According to the study conducted by Central Ground Water Board in the year 1999-2001, the results of hundreds of samples collected along the total length of the river water (river water and hand pump) were really shocking. In these samples, lead, chromium, iron, zinc, alongwith other elements were found to be present. According to the report villages namely Chidora, Yahiyapur and Jamad of Muzaffarnagar district;

Dhanju, Dedwa, Ulaspur, Bichaula, Mainthna, Rasulpur, Gesupur, Kudhla, Muradpur Badaula, Kaul, Jaibheemnagar and Yadnagar of Meerut district; Ajrada and Hapur in Ghaziabad; Akbarpur, Sadharanpur and Utsara, Ajitpur, Laughara, Mankhera, Baknaura and Anchrukla in Bulandshahr district; Mainpur, Sikandarpur and Rasooli in Aligarh and Rajpura, Baalipura and Naveenganj in Kannauj suffer badly from the pollution of the river.

The life in these villages is miserable due to non-availability of safe drinking water. According to the report, up to the depth of 30-35 m at Meerut and Ghaziabad as well as its surrounding areas, heavy metals have been found in large limits exceeding the standards.

In the year 1999, a preliminary report was prepared on the instructions of Dr. D.K. Chaddha, president, Central ground water board and Mr. P.C. Chaturvedi regional director based on the data of chemical tests carried out on the river and groundwater samples collected from the Kali river (east) and nearby areas and Meerut and Ghaziabad. The then Water resources minister, Govt. of India, Mr. Sompal Shashtri released the report during a public awareness drive held at Ganganagar, Meerut. This preliminary report on Kali river was based on the presence of heavy metals in groundwater and river water. Dozens of copies of this report were prepared and distributed among the locales.

Mr. Shobhnath, regional director instructed to widen the scope of the study and present the report with a wider context in Hindi. This report being in English was of not much use for a common man. On the suggestion of the Regional Director, the report was translated and re-published in Hindi.