The original originating source of East Kali River in forest of Antwada village of Jaansad tehsil of Muzafarnagar district has now turned into sugarcane fields of farmer Vinod Kumar. Now the origination point has turned to a govt drain which flows from nearby.

According to aged residents of the Antwada village, there is an ancient story about the origination of the river. Once upon a time, a saint lived across the village, in a hut near a mahale tree. He would goto Ganga in Shukratal every morning to bathe. When he got old, it became a difficult task. So one day he goes to Ganga and after bathing, he prayed to Holy Ganga that he won’t be able to come again there as it was no longer possible for him to travel this distance every day, and if Holy Ganga wishes for him to bathe in Ganga every day, then it will have to come to his place at Antwada. Then he returned back to his hut.

Next day, a bull started hitting at the mahale tree near the saint’s hut. Due to bull’s actions, a group of snakes residing in the tree came out. Among them, there was a female snake which went towards south direction. It is believed that a water stream followed her wherever she passed.

Other streams also merged into this stream along the way, shaping it into a river. Therefore, it is believed that the origin of this river is from that tree. Hence, it was named “Naagin River”. The saint bathed in this stream every day until his death.

In the scientific view, the groundwater level of the area around Antwada village is much higher than other regions (even today at 10 feet) that water flowed naturally from that point. The water flowed in a stream and when other streams joined it, it became into a river. But the scientists and researchers do not have a say on the name of the river.